Anæstesi A-Z ep. 2 | Monitorering af C, D og E

I denne episode fortsætter samtalen med ovl. Bo Belhage om monitorering under anæstesi og kommer blandt andet ind på BT måling, herunder invasive trykkurver, cardiac outputvurdering med pulskonturanalyse, vurdering af søvndybde og temperatur.

Hemodynamics during mechanical CPR

Tailored or targeted CPR and resuscitation is a concept with a lot of traction currently. In this talk from The Big Sick in Zermatt in 2018, Per details insights from his research that cautions us when choosing targets to titrate to.


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Camilla explains why you might want to join her at the paediatric Dont Forget The Bubbles Conference in London in June.

Cliff Reid – Training HEMS teams

Cliff Reid is known to most people in prehospital and emergency medicine. Here's 10 lessons from his many years developing the outstanding team training for the Greater Sydney Area HEMS service.