Extremes of oxygen delivery in children | Jacob Karlsson

A talk by Jacob Karlsson from TBS23


A talk by Jacob Karlsson at The Big Sick 2023 conference. Kindly shared with permission.
See the TBS23 landing page for the programme and full set of talks.


Children are particularly sensitive to changes in the balance between oxygen delivery and consumption. In the process after birth, several adaptational shifts occur with the intent to optimize cardio-respiratory stability in children. Many of these changes occur at the edges of normal physiology and demonstrates the robustness children often exhibit, even at the extremes of oxygen delivery. This lecture focuses on putting the transition between extreme and normal physiology of children, which sometimes differ a lot from adults, in relation to what ER/anesthesia/intensivist would encounter in their practice.


Until we have final edits ready the video below is straight from the livestream. Expect a few audio issues and other glitches here and there.




Dr Jacob Karlsson, MD PhD. Astrid Lindgren Children’s Hospital. Karolinska University Hospital.


Jacob is a consultant pediatric anesthetist and intensivist at Astrid Lindgren Children’s Hospital, Karolinska University Hospital Stockholm Sweden. He earned his medical degree from Uppsala University and has completed fellowship training in pediatric anesthesia at Birmingham Children’s Hospital, UK as well as fellowship and consultant work in pediatric cardiac anesthesia and intensive care at The Freeman Hospital, Newcastle UK. He earned his PhD at The Karolinska Institute in 2019 and is currently supervising PhD students on several translational projects focusing on improving hemodynamic monitoring in children, alongside his clinical work. His research group has developed a new non-invasive method for cardiac output and mixed venous oxygen saturation monitoring. Jacob has recently moved back to Sweden after a post-doctoral year at Montreal Children’s Hospital, McGill University in Canada. Besides enjoying long winters in Sweden, he now mixes clinical work with research. He has an extensive interest in teaching and training and is one of the founding fathers of the evolving SAFETOTS podcast series, spreading the message of safe anesthesia for children globally.


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