InterAnest project for the win

A shout-out to the InterAnest project where Robin Lundén is building amazing video tutorials on clinical procedures.

This is a short one.

We wanted to spread the word about the good stuff our scanFOAM teammate Robin Lundén puts out over on his site.

He has refined a semi-professional studio recording setup which he’s using to do high quality introductory tutorials on clinical procedures like CVC placement under US or getting started in elective intubations in theatre. These are aimed at the novice and will not be applicable to more emergent cases, but this is the starting point for young anaesthesiologists in training who are just getting their feet wet.

As an example, check this video detailing a neat technique for inline US guided subclavian CVC placement, previously mentioned in out post about US confirmation of CVC.

His most popular video yet is also his most recent one on elective theatre intubations with a walk-through of key considerations and incremental steps involved. It features real patients (consented of course) being intubated for elective surgery and are thus true to a standard setup in many general theatre workloads. It may be useful for novice learners and educators.

The InterAnest channel also hosts talks recorded in a similarly dedicated manner using proper lighting, a teleprompter and other professional gear which allows for great speaker impact and features high yield slides only as needed. This format in my opinion is better for online consumption than most recorded talks from conferences as they are highly prepared and made “for online” first.

You can already watch a string of talks from the annual Swedish anaesthetists “SFAI dagar” meeting (if your Swedish is up to the task), and we will be releasing a similar set of talks recorded by Robin from the biannual Scandinavian anaesthetist meeting in Copenhagen in September. They will start to go out here on scanFOAM within a few days.

The InterAnest project is pure FOAMed. Everything is Creative Commons. Please show it some appreciation, but also make sure to comment and give suggestions as they (and we at scanFOAM) are determined to further develop the format and topics covered.

Find more from the InterAnest project on the main site and the youtube channel.

Do you have any other preferred procedural sites you wanna spread the word about – put ’em in the comments.

That’s all folks. A lot of stuff in the pipeline coming soon. Stay tuned and enjoy the weekend!

Mads Astvad

Scandinavian paediatric anaesthetist / intensivist.
Digital MedEd
Co-organiser CphCC & TBS-Zermatt (aka The Big Sick)
Medical lead REPEL (resilience in pediatric emergency life support)
Web dev

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