Sudden death & prolonged survival on immersion in cold water: lessons for rescue & resuscitation | Michael Tipton

A talk by from TBS23


A talk by Michael Tipton from TBS23 conference. Kindly shared with permission.


An understanding of the response associated with the initial minutes in cold water and the implications for survival



Speaker bio

Professor Mike Tipton has worked at the University of Surrey and University of Portsmouth. In addition, he was based at the Institute of Naval Medicine (INM) from 1983 to 2004 and was Consultant Head of the Environmental Medicine Division of the INM from 1996. He has published over 700 scientific papers, reports, chapters and books in his research areas of drowning, thermoregulation, environmental and occupational physiology, and survival in the sea. Professor Tipton is a Trustee/Director of Surf Lifesaving GB, a member of the Council of the RNLI as well as a Consultant to the Medical Director of the RNLI. He has been a consultant in survival and thermal medicine to the Royal Air Force, UKSport and the English Institute of Sport (EIS). He chaired UKSport’s Research Advisory Group and sat on the EIS Scientific and Ethics Advisory Group. Prof Tipton as edited several scientific journals and is currently Editor-in-Chief of The Physiological Society’s journal “Experimental Physiology”. Prof Tipton is a visiting Professor at King’s College, London, and an Adjunct Professor at Waterford Institute of Technology. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine and The Physiological Society. He was awarded his MBE for services to physiological research in extreme environments; the Ireland Medal for saving lives from drowning worldwide; and the H&L Swiftwater rescue lifetime achievement award from the USA.

Scandinavian paediatric anaesthetist / intensivist.
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