Central line academy

The Swedish power team from InterAnest brings you a free tutorial on CVC placement, championing the inline subclavian approach complemented with the supraclavicular fossa view. Get your CVC game on!

Anæstesi A-Z ep. 2 | Monitorering af C, D og E

I denne episode fortsætter samtalen med ovl. Bo Belhage om monitorering under anæstesi og kommer blandt andet ind på BT måling, herunder invasive trykkurver, cardiac outputvurdering med pulskonturanalyse, vurdering af søvndybde og temperatur.

The Big Sick 2018

Landing page for all of the talks from The Big Sick conference in Zermatt, Schwitzerland, february 2018.

The SSAI2017 talks

The talks from the 34th iteration of the biannual scientific meeting of the Scandinavian Society for Anaesthesia and Intensive care are now online.