Talks from conferences in or near Scandinavia

Hemodynamics during mechanical CPR

Tailored or targeted CPR and resuscitation is a concept with a lot of traction currently. In this talk from The Big Sick in Zermatt in 2018, Per details insights from his research that cautions us when choosing targets to titrate to.

Cliff Reid – Training HEMS teams

Cliff Reid is known to most people in prehospital and emergency medicine. Here's 10 lessons from his many years developing the outstanding team training for the Greater Sydney Area HEMS service.

Sepsis panel at Copenhagen Critical Care Symposium

Speakers: Olav Schjørring, Nicolai Haase, Peter Hjortrup, Morten Hylander, Anders Perner Moderator: Jonathan Oliver White Event: Copenhagen Critical Care Symposium 2018 Session: Sepsis 2018: Magical mystery tour Return to index Synopsis Sepsis panel af Copenhagen Critical Care 2018. Video

Akut aortasyndrom

Copenhagen Critical Care Symposium 2018 Speaker: Morten Smerup Session: Det ustabile kredsløb – kardiovaskulære resuscitation ⇐ back to index Synopsis Morten Smerup med thoraxkirurgens tilgang til akut aortasyndrom (aortadissektion) Video Audio Slides

Sepsis – hvor skal vi hen, du?

Copenhagen Critical Care Symposium 2018 Speaker: Anders Perner Session: The Magical Mystery Tour – sepsis 2018 ⇐ back to index Synopsis Anders Perner giver sine tanker om værdifulde retninger, sepsisforskningen bør tage fremover Video Audio Slides

Boremaskine, hammer og mejsel

Copenhagen Critical Care Symposium 2018 Speaker: Ove Bergdal Session: Hjernestop – akut kritisk blod i hjernen ⇐ back to index Synopsis Ove Bergdal taler om den neurokirurgiske tilgang til patienten med akutte neurologiske symptomer Video Audio Slides

Terror! – er vi klar?

Copenhagen Critical Care Symposium 2018 Speaker: Peter Berlac Session: Critical Care i perspektiv ⇐ back to index Synopsis Peter Berlac gennemgår status for terrorberedskabet i Danmark Video Audio Slides