Airway decontamination – the dark side of airway management

Jim DuCanto talks about managing the soiled airway at The Big Sick 2018


This is James DuCanto‘s talk at the airway session of The Bick Sick in Zermatt, 2018.

Jim is well known in the FOAM sphere and beyond for his passion on airway management and is a very dedicated and ingenious inventor of equipment for airway simulation and airway management. Jim is tinkerer of epic proportions and is always great fun to hang out with as there’s bound to be some new crazy contraption he wants to show off. I for one personally feel his beeryngoscope[icon name=”trademark” class=”” unprefixed_class=””] deserves a lot more recognition (no, I don’t think it’s trademarked yet, but it ought to be). Here it is out in the wild at #smaccUS.

On a more serious note, in recent years Jim has focused a lot of energy on the SALAD concept (Suction Assisted Laryngoscopy Airway Decontamination) which essentially is continuous large bore catheter suctioning of the upper airway through the whole intubation process. He has demonstrated it at numerous conferences throughout the world including at iterations of SMACC. The amount of flights cases he drags around the world for his SALAD teaching is quite insane and a testiment to Jim’s no holds barred approach to airways. If you get a chance to try it out do take it as it’ll probably be your one shot at intubating a regurgitating wookie with a laryngoscope blade fitted to an axe.

Follow Jim down the rabbit hole of contaminated airways in this talk.




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