The Big Sick 2020

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You’ll find most of the lecture content here for free.

We have left up the live streams for those who want to share or rewatch the talks. Live is rarely perfect, please forgive some feed issues here and there including less than perfect audio.

Parts of the airway session and all of the trauma session is missing because the conference venue had issues with internet upload speeds. Also, a few speakers declined to be live streamed.

We will release the talks including the missing ones in a more polished version if and when time allows.

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5th February

Fluid therapy 1


01.21 Rob Mac Sweeney: Overview of scientific evidence for fluid resuscitation (sorry to Rob for less than ideal feed – wait for better version)

35.10 Jon-Émile Kenny: Prone position and the right ventricle

01.10.36 Peter Bentzer: The role of albumin in resuscitation of the critically ill

Fluid therapy 2


00.52 Thomas Woodcock: Fluid Physiology in Resuscitation Practice

30.34 John Silversides: De-resuscitation

Airway management in critical care


  • Michael Selz Kristensen
  • Søren Steeman Rudolph
  • Wendy Teoh
  • Michael Friis Tvede

As stated above, this session feed is of poor quality until it dies completely at 46min, not half way through.

We’ll leave this first part here for an impression of what will follow.

6th February



  • 01:25 Hans Van Schuppen: Citizen response in Cardiac Arrest
  • 27:08 Lionel Lamhaut: Smartphone and technology will save more life than EMS
  • 58:32 Alice Hutin: Prehospital ECPR for refractory OHCA
  • 01:33:09 Bernd Böttiger: Kids save lives



  • 00:26: MJ Slabbert: VUCA leadership in HECTIC environments
  • 28:28: Vibeke Svennum: Burnout – When healthcare hurts
  • 51:31: Vahe Ender: Blank spots on the map – in the pursuit of excellence

7th February

Extreme medicine 1/2


  • 00:46 Tim Harris: The assessment of left ventricular function (for resuscitation)
  • 32:11 Carlos Pilasi Menichetti: Trauma and emergency surgery in extreme settings

The session also included Mathieu Pasquier and Tomasz Darocha. We may be able to post edited versions later.



  • 03:55:00 Andrew Merelman: Avoiding apnoea – Ketamine-only breathing intubation
  • 01:08:55:00 Matthieu Komorowski: Living on the edge – extreme life support

Long pause screen in between those during talk that was not fit for online distribution.

We apologise for the problems with mics and AV tech during the beginning of both of these talks.

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