Meet the team


Mads Astvad
Mads Astvad

Scandinavian paediatric anaesthetist / intensivist.
Digital MedEd
Co-organiser CphCC & Big Sick
Web dev

Sandra Viggers

Star skater, simulationista by day, anaesthesia by night and #meded choreographer. Coming to a SIM room near you. With a shark.


Camilla Birgitte Sørensen

MD, Tourette's disease researcher, wee enthusiast.

Johan Olsson

Anesthesiology and Intensive Care Medicine resident in Northern Sweden. Passionate about learning how to do good in an intangible and uncertain world.


Sweden-based medical doctor with a interest in healthcare systems, decision making and emergency medicine. Deeply passionate about science and EBM.

Martin Schønemann-Lund

PhD-student on Respiratory Failure in the ICU. Resident in Anesthesiology and Intensive Care.
Living in Greater Copenhagen but forever lost his heart to the great forests of Northern Sweden.

Morten Bestle

Senior consultant intensivist, Ass Prof, PhD, EDIC. Research interests sepsis and ARF.

Natasha Langer

MD, passionate about anaesthesia, teaching, and non-technical skills. An endorphin addict, forever trying to merge sport and movement with everyday life. Loves multitasking, skiing, running and the specialty.

Theis Skovsgaard

Resident anaesthesiologist dedicated to improving the care for the critically ill through evidence-based research including development of new diagnostics, improving understanding of physiology and, not least, through rigorous RCT testing of anything applied to humans.

Tobias Sonne

MD, currently finalising his specialist registrar training in anesthesiology. Moonlights as SAR medical doctor and co-host at ‘Anæstesi A - Z’.

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