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The Swedish power team from InterAnest brings you a free tutorial on CVC placement, championing the inline subclavian approach complemented with the supraclavicular fossa view. Get your CVC game on!

Robin Lundén and Ola Borgquist from Lund are at it again. After what must have been hundreds of hours of recording and editing they have today released a particularly detailed and extremely high production value set of videos for the InterAnesth youtube channel on achieving mastery in CVC placement, going over details of how to master their preferred ultrasound guided inline approach to the subclavian vein and using the supplementary supra-clavicular view with a small curvilinear probe to check guideline trajectory and final CVC tip depth. Lots of stuff to learn here even for seasoned practitioners who may have relied on IJ approaches with ultrasound or landmark techniques for the subclavian.

Check the videos out below and show them some love on SoMe and a follow on youtube.

We had the pleasure of hosting Robin and Ola for a CVC workshop at the latest Big Sick conference and if you want them come to your department and host them for a similar workshop they are more than willing. Find them here.

You can head on over to youtube for the full playlist or find the individual sections of the tutorial below. Enjoy.

The Ultrasound Machine
In-plane long axis approach
Vein vs artery
The supraclavicular fossa view
The basics
Pro tips
Handling complications
Mads Astvad

Scandinavian paediatric anaesthetist / intensivist.
Digital MedEd
Co-founder scanFOAM.org
Co-organiser CphCC & TBS-Zermatt (aka The Big Sick)
Medical lead REPEL (resilience in pediatric emergency life support)
Web dev SSAI.info

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