Das Teaching Course in Copenhagen – The what, why, how?

A personal take on the teaching course and why you may want to come to Copenhagen in June.


People in medical education who’ve tapped into social media and the #FOAMed world will likely know The Teaching Institute and many educators from its faculty.

For those not in the know, The Teaching Institute is founded and led by some of the most innovative purveyors of medical education in the US, Rob Rogers and Salim Rezaie. They have helped push and modernise medical education in numerous ways for years. The teaching courses they’ve developed and run have been a major influence for a lot of people, me included. While they started this course in the US, it has grown and become increasingly international both with regard to faculty and delegates. It’s now delivered around the world by a global faculty of world class educators.

It’s thrilling to be able to say it’s now headed for Copenhagen, June 21-23. It’s the week before #dasSMACC in Berlin, hence the nickname DasTeachingCourse (#dasTTC for you tweeps). Its perfect for combining the two if you’re flying into the region. Most of the faculty is headed to SMACC to run workshops or talk, so this will be like 3 intense days of educational SMACC workshop in case you missed out on that ticket.

It’s being hosted in central Copenhagen. Not a bad place to be in June.


Education is changing at a fast pace these years. Tried and tested modalities like revision, bedside teaching, lecturing, work shops, procedural training and journal clubs are still with us. But the #FOAMed movement with its vibrant online community has profoundly changed how we share knowledge and connect in and about education. Content is going digital as blogs, podcasts and video. This allows asynchronous, instantaneous access to knowledge and opinion for anyone, anywhere, anytime. Learners and educators now interact not only face to face, but increasingly on social media which provides a host of possibilities, but also poses some challenges. Simulation training is another modality which has gone mainstream as a preferred way to develop and check real-life provider and team performance. And presentation technique now finally receives some much-needed focus as we begin to understand how we have failed in this regard.

Every member of the faculty have been at the forefront of defining and scrutinizing these developments in education. This course covers it all, from the tried and tested to the most innovative of platforms and modalities.

I went in 2015 and it was like no other course I’ve attended. The faculty are obviously brilliant educators themselves and very passionate about helping others improve their game. They truly lead by example with a mix of uber prepared talks and well planned work shops. Furthermore, the delegates seemed equally passionate about education and ultimately patient care which provided for a very intense experience. It all seemed to click.

The line-up for Copenhagen is as strong as ever and counts Nat, Simon, Chris, Jesse, Sandra, Ashley, Ross, Will, George, Salim, and Rob. You’d be hard pressed to find a better crew to take your educator skills to the next level.

For a taste of what you’ll find, check their profiles and work on various online outlets, and also make sure to check our previous posts about the teaching course (content from TTCNYC15, Sandra’s recap from TTCNYC16 Day 1 and Day 2, and Camillas guest post with impressions as a #FOAMed neophyte). Twitter also has a lot of activity during these courses (try this feed for a taste).

For me, in addition to immediate things learned, a major benefit to having been is connecting with and getting to know so many inspiring educators (my scanFOAM co-host Sandra being one of them). Those connections live on and now form an essential part of my professional network which keeps me updated and challenged. It’s like the beginning of a beautiful conversation.

The question is, will #dasTTC be where it starts for you?

If you’re involved in medical education, I think it’s a no-brainer. You’ll become better at presenting, at giving feedback, at teaching at the bedside, at simulation, and you’ll learn how to command your online presence and harness the power of online for education.

Join us in wonderful Copenhagen 4 short months from now. It’s not all rotten in the state of Denmark. We are after all the happiest nation on Earth. Come see why. And join the conversation.


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More info

Preliminary programme (pdf version):

Teaser for the most recent course in NYC.


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