FA-CPR | Jason van der Velde

A talk by Jason van der Velde from TBS24


A talk by Jason van der Velde at the TBS24 conference in Zermatt. Kindly shared with permission.
See the TBS24 landing page for the programme and full set of talks.


Embark on a fascinating exploration of Fully Automated Cardiac Arrest Management with Dr. Jason van der Velde, who’s been part of a team refining the FA-CPR algorithm since 2019. Gain unique insights into real-world applications and ongoing research opportunities in optimising the “Low Flow State” through innovative approaches like Chest Compression Synchronised Ventilation (CCSV). Dr. Van der Velde shares an iterative journey, supported by real-life data, underscoring the profound impact of personalised CPR tailored to individual patients in rural Ireland. The talk goes beyond conventional guidelines, delving into the intricate science and human factors essential for achieving substantial improvements in Return of Spontaneous Circulation (ROSC) rates. Attendees will leave with a deep understanding of the potential of Fully Automated CPR with CCSV as a dynamic and continually evolving strategy, acting as a strategic placeholder to buy essential time for comprehensive diagnostics and personalised interventions. The presentation hints at transformative possibilities in resuscitation science, featuring case studies that showcase the concept of bridging patients to definitive interventions such as cardiac angiography and Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO).


We apologise to Dr Van der Velde on totally butchering his talk with tech issues. Better version coming


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Dr. Jason van der Velde
Prehospital Emergency Medicine and Critical Care Retrieval Physician
Cork University Hospital, Ireland


Jason is a Prehospital Emergency Medicine and Critical Care Retrieval Physician working as the Clinical Lead for the Irish Health Service Executive’s National 24 hour Emergency Telemedical Support Unit, MEDICO Cork. Based in the Emergency Department in Cork University Hospital, he has a Masters Degree in Disaster Medicine and over 25 years experience providing Prehospital Critical Care around the world. He’s the Medical Director of West Cork Rapid Response and Assistant Medical Director of the Anaesthesia Trauma and Critical Care course. He is the Secretary to the Faculty of Trauma and Critical Care, Royal College of Surgeons of England. and the Vice Chair of the prehospital Emergency Care Council of Ireland.


Email: [email protected]

Twitter: @WestCorkRR

COI declared

Dr. Van der Velde’s work in further developing FA-CPR, has been partially supported by Weinmann.

Scandinavian paediatric anaesthetist / intensivist.
Digital MedEd
Co-founder scanFOAM.org
Co-organiser CphCC & TBS (aka The Big Sick)
Medical lead REPEL (resilience in pediatric emergency life support)
Web dev SSAI.info

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