How I Sim – Jesse Spurr is proud to present our next contributor to the "How I Sim" series, Jesse Spurr, hailing all the way from Oz. He's an all round good bloke and a #FOAMed #FOAMsim star, being the co-host of, editor-in-chief of and simulation director at The Teaching Institute, just to name a few. Enjoy!

How I Sim- Jesse Spurr

Welcome to the “How I Sim” series to another #FOAMed #FOAMsim creator, contributor and friend.

The co-host and co-creator of the, simulation director of The Teaching Institute and The Teaching Course faculty, editor-in-chief at the Injectable Orange blog, SMACC all-things-sim super star and so the list goes on and on.

With a background in critical care nursing Jesse has entered the world of #FOAMed and #FOAMsim to share his extensive knowledge and experience with the rest of us and show us that a real man is a nurse who plays with dolls.

Just in case Jesse’s impressive resume intimidates you or makes you think he is too busy to talk to you, know that that isn’t the case – a super sweet kind and awesome guy always up for helping out, contributing and supportive as any excellent educator should be.

Bonus info – Jesse is also an exercise science graduate and look up the hashtag #smaccRUN to find him doing another one of his passions and join him and many more at the next #smaccRUN at dasSMACC

Follow Jesse @inject_orange and enjoy his story of “How I Sim”


“How I Sim”


Jesse Spurr


Redcliffe, Queensland, Australia

Current job

Clinical Nurse Consultant Intensive Care

One sentence to describe your sim recently

More theory than practice…unfortunately.

Favorite topics in sim

  • In situ (point-of-care) sim as a diagnostic/evaluative tool
  • Development of confederate role in simulation

Current sim project(s)

How I see simulation scenarios

  • Goal-directed and functionally aligned (HT to Hamstra et al)
  • A constructive launchpad for discussion and catalyst for clinical practice transformation
  • I see in situ sim as providing the affordance for two discreet sets of intended learning outcomes:
    • Those for the participants (educational/constructive)
    • Those for the designer/facilitator (evaluative/diagnostic)

The art is in clearly identifying and balancing these objectives and pre-briefing participants to minimize detractors.

How I see debriefing

  • A deliberate and genuine conversation
  • An opportunity to steer reflection and application to current and future clinical practice
  • An opportunity, as a facilitator, to learn why things work or don’t in our workplace/team/system
  • A structured, but paradoxically flexible discussion, in which I try to capture the pertinent issues and present them to the group to develop a shared meaning of what went down and what we want to go down when we hit the shop floor in a similar situation
  • I see debriefing as a skill at which I will never be as good as I would like to be, but will not stop trying to improve and reflect and get better

Simulation in the future

  • Something that is recognized as a technique (range of techniques) and not simply the technology. Something seen as a tool in the educator’s toolbox, as opposed to an industry in itself.
  • Simulation will hopefully find a home in the core practices of healthcare organisations, recognised as an efficient and effective patient safety and quality assurance tool, as opposed to an expensive educational luxury.
  • Healthcare organisations will invest in the people required to make simulation effective, rather than the technology. Recognition will be given to the importance of creative thinking and innovation.

Your advice to any new sim’er

  • Don’t try and perfectly recreate a clinical case in its entirety – big mistake. Always start with asking yourself ‘what goal am I trying to achieve here?’
  • Use a confederate.
  • It’s not about the mannequin.

Your mantra

To quote a modern poet:



I would like to nominate these two great educators in #FOAMsim:


Star skater, simulationista by day, anaesthesia by night and #meded choreographer. Coming to a SIM room near you. With a shark.

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