How Kissing A Frog Can Save Your Life | Matt Morgan

A talk by Matt Morgan from TBS24


A talk by Matt Morgan at the TBS24 conference in Zermatt. Kindly shared with permission.
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Although I am a human doctor, I’ve long been fascinated with how animals survive extreme environments. This talk, based on the science from my second book ONE MEDICINE, explores how understanding the lives of animals can help critically ill patients. How does a giraffe breathe through a 2 m long neck and how can this help us care for patients with brain injuries? How does the ice fish live at the bottom of the ocean with no oxygen and no red blood cells? Why does a kangaroos have three vaginas and how can it help IVF? It weaves stories of people, animals, science and places from the planes of Africa to the frozen wilderness of Canada. It celebrates the joy of sharing this planet with incredible creatures who are neighbours, our best friends from the past and our greatest hope for the future.




Intensive care consultant and author, Cardiff, UK


Matt Morgan is a Consultant in Intensive Care Medicine, adjunct Clinical Professor and regular BMJ columnist. Following his PhD in artificial intelligence he has published in the NEJM, Lancet and JAMA. After appearing on television and radio, he gave the 2023 Woodridge Lecture and was nominated for the Royal Society’s David Attenborough prize for public engagement. His first book CRITICAL tells remarkable stories of patients in the intensive care unit. His second book, ONE MEDICINE, explores how understanding animals can help treat human disease. His third book LIFE 2.0 will look at the lives of patients after surviving a cardiac arrest. His is a member of the BMJ Commission on the Future of the NHS and is the medical advisor for The National Theatre’ in London’s production of “Nye”, the story of Aneurin Bevan. He lives in Cardiff with his family.


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Books on Amazon/Audible etc: CRITICAL (2019) and ONE MEDICINE (2023).

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