Precision in Neonatal Transport | Ian Braithwaite

A talk by Ian Braithwaite from TBS24


A talk by Ian Braithwaite at the TBS24 conference in Zermatt. Kindly shared with permission.
See the TBS24 landing page for the programme and full set of talks.


Babie – they are not just small adults! When transporting premature infants, precision matters. In this talk I will present the transport of a typical patient and the challenges faced in terms of ventilation management, medication delivery and the journey itself. We will learn how a precision-based approach can influence the quality of care.




Transport Nurse Educator


Ian has been a paediatric transport nurse for over 20 years. In that time he has worked for 5 different transport teams; in Scotland, England and Australia. He figured out that he wanted to be a transport nurse when he realised that not all patient cubicles had windows and he didn’t want to spend his career in the gloom. Ian is currently an educator for Embrace, the Yorkshire and Humber Infant and Children’s Transport service (UK). Ian helped set up Embrace’s flight service and is passionate about promoting and advocating for standards and safe practice in transport. He founded and runs the EXACT “Exploring Experience in Aeromedical Children’s Transport” Course which helps transport nurses reflect and develop as flight practitioners. One of Ian’s research interests is the sharing of the lived experiences of aeromedical professionals. Ian is married to an amazing Australian trumpet teacher. He loves mountains, and spending time guiding his young son through the Star Wars universe.


Email: [email protected]
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Linkedin: Ian Braithwaite
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COI declared

My service use Hamilton ventilators and Intersurgical consumables, who I note are sponsors. However the content of my talk has not been influenced by either company.

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