Airway session 2023 | Selz

A talk by Selz from TBS23


The airway session from The Big Sick 2023 in Zermatt.
Michael Seltz Kristensen and his curated team of expert airway afficionados bring you an 2023 update on everything airways as a lead-up to the amazing workshop that, sadly, we can’t put online.
See the TBS23 landing page for the programme and full set of talks.



Until we have final edits ready the video below is straight from the livestream. Expect a few audio issues and other glitches here and there.


05:29 Introduction and background – airway planning

Michael Seltz Kristensen

26:34 TTIP – Tube Tip In Pharynx
33:34 TTIP as FOI conduit

Sandra Larsson Clifford

38:12 The bleeding upper airway

Michael Seltz Kristensen

40:50 Improving emergency airway Mx with SALAD techniques

Jim DuCanto

47:23 Ultrasonographic evaluation of tracheal position for front of neck

Michael Seltz Kristensen

53:47 Surgical Airway ≠ Failed Airway

Rich Levitan

01:15:14 Retrograde intubation

Michael Seltz Kristensen

01:16:34 Prehospital Airway Mx

Søren Steen Rudolph

01:27:34 Inflight intubation – pro et con

Michael Friis Tvede

01:33:00 NEW TECH – Infrared trans-cricoid flashing light
01:37:39 THE FUTURE – The Non-Instrumented Airway – using a cuirass for anaesthesia

Michael Seltz Kristensen



Michael Seltz Kristensen

Michael is a CLINICIAN !! ….handling patients with all sorts of AIRWAY-challenges at the Copenhagen University Hospital, Rigshospitalet – referral center for Ear-Nose-Throat- /Maxillo-Facial-/Trauma- and Cancer- patients in the Capital Region of Denmark. Michaels professional dedication is optimizing the MANAGING OF THE DIFFICULT AIRWAY in all its aspects and different settings and he drives continuous research, development and international collaboration all over the world. He is heading the annual Scandinavian, international, course “Airwaymanagement for Anaesthesiologists” backed by the webpage, offering free educational resources. Michael is a member of the Board of Directors of both EAMS (European Airway Management Society, past president) and SAM (Society for Airway Management, USA) and co-editor of the new textbook “Core Topics in Airway Management!” that summons up what a clinician really needs in 2023 in order to safely manage the airway of his patients. When not working, then skiing, snowboarding, kite-surfing and Scuba-diving are among Michael’s favorite activities.

Sandra Larssen Clifford

Sandra got her medical degree from NTNU (Norwegian University of Science and Technology). She is currently specializing in anesthesia and intensive care, and is also an Assistant Professor at Stavanger University, mainly teaching in the bachelor’s program for paramedicine. Before starting her medical specialization, she gained experience working in several rural and austere environments, in both Africa and India, but perhaps most notable is her time in 2020 when she served as Captain in the Norwegian Army at a NATO field hospital in Afghanistan, being trauma team leader, an emergency care physician as well as playing a central part in the hospital’s and military base’s covid response at the time. She has a particular interest in airway management and thinks ultrasound is close to being the best thing since sliced bread

Rich Levitan

Dr. Levitan was in the first class of Emergency Medicine residents at Bellevue Hospital in NYC (1990-1994). Frustrated with his training and skills in emergency airway management, he began a thirty year obsession with airway imaging, research, and education. He worked at inner city level 1 trauma centers in NYC (Bellevue, Lincoln Hospitals) and Philadelphia (Penn, Einstein, Jefferson) for twenty three years before working for ten years at critical care access hospital in rural New Hampshire amd Colorado.. He regularly teaches airway procedure courses about the US and around the world, and is perhaps best known for his monthly Baltimore cadaver course, which ran monthly for twenty years. He has developed airway devices and holds approximately twenty patents. He did initial lab investigations and product development of many products now in widespread use, specifically the I-gel, the AMBU A-Scope, the I-View. He pioneered and studied many airway techniques now in common practice including: epiglottoscopy, bimanual laryngoscopy, ear-to-sternal notch positioning, the laryngeal handshake, and nasal oxygenation during efforts securing a tube (NO DESAT). When not looking at the larynx he likes being in the mountains.

Jim DuCanto

Airway Ninja of the 9th degree. SALAD master, beeryngoscope wielder

Michael Friis Tvede

Michael is consultant anaesthesiologist at Rigshospitalet in Copenhagen, where he primarily does orthopaedic and ENT anaesthesia as well as in- and prehospital critical care. He is HEMS consultant and Base Clinical Lead for the Ringsted HEMS base with the Danish Air Ambulance and has experience with tactical EMS as well. Online medical education and communication is within Michaels span of interests, and he is responsible for hosting and maintaining several websites (,,,,,,, and more) with internal and external medical content. Together with paediatric anesthesiology consultant at Rigshospitalet Morten Bøttger, Michael has made the very well rated CoPE Copenhagen Paediatric Emergency app available for iOS and Android users.

Søren Steemann Rudolph

Senior Consultant Anesthesiologist, Trauma leader and PHEM doctor from Copenhagen, Denmark. Dedicated to trauma resuscitation, prehospital care and airway management.

COI declared


Mads Astvad

Scandinavian paediatric anaesthetist / intensivist.
Digital MedEd
Co-organiser CphCC & TBS-Zermatt (aka The Big Sick)
Medical lead REPEL (resilience in pediatric emergency life support)
Web dev

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