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How do we manage major haemorrhage? An update by London and Welsh HEMS providers at TBS23 in Zermatt


A session from the TBS23 conference in Zermatt. Kindly shared with permission.


This year a team from London and Wales HEMS will be talking about developments in what we can do for those dying from major haemorrhage.
Returning from last year Mr Zane Perkins, a Major Trauma Surgeon and HEMS Consultant from the Royal London, will be joined by Dr Sam Sadek, ED and HEMS Consultant, and Dr Robbie Lendrum, Cardiothoracic Anaesthetist and HEMS Consultant, to discuss new data on thoracotomy and exsanguinating haemorrhage and what we can do.
Joining them will be LAA and LAS paramedic Mr Jo Steer and Welsh HEMS CCP Mr Mike Palmer who will explore the challenges of impacting the timeline and interventions for this unique and high squirt group of patients in both the urban and rural environment.
The session will be facilitated by John Chatterjee, consultant at London Air Ambulance.


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Joe is a dedicated flight Paramedic working for London’s Air Ambulance. Within this role he has gained a vast experience in delivering advanced trauma care early in a patient’s journey as well as the nuances of clinician guided dispatch of an advanced trauma team in an urban environment. This experience has built upon 14 years working within the National Health Service in varying prehospital roles including ambulance, solo response and most recently clinical team manager. Within this role Joe responds to complex incidents to support and manage ambulance clinicians to deliver world class care.


Mike has 12 years experience working for the National Health Service. He obtained his degree at St George’s University Hospital, London. Currently he is a Critical Care Practitioner for the Welsh Air Ambulance. Throughout Mikes career he has been on the Tactical Response Unit and the Hazardous Area Response Team for the London Ambulance Service. These teams responded to the London Bridge attacks, Westminster and Grenfell tower. Mike gained experience as a flight paramedic for the London’s Air Ambulance, which gave him a wide range of trauma experience in an urban setting. Now flying HEMS in Wales, Mike is gaining additional medical critical care practice, different trauma mechanisms and critical care retrieval transfers. Mike has a particular interest in pre-hospital ultrasound and has been involved in the delivery of training for UK HEMS. He has a real passion for sports, psychological performance and well-being.


Robbie has worked with London’s Air Ambulance since 2012. Alongside his role as a Consultant in Pre-Hospital Care, he is also a Consultant in Cardiothoracic Anaesthesia and Critical Care at Bart’s Health. He is passionate about developing, delivering and conducting research into innovative pre-hospital resuscitation strategies and treatments, to improve the outcomes for our patients suffering from major trauma in London, the UK and internationally.


Sam works as a consultant in emergency medicine at The Royal London Hospital and in pre-hospital Care with London’s Air Ambulance. He also leads clinical governance at Essex and Herts Air Ambulance, our charity’s neighbouring network. His particular interests include education, innovation and endovascular resuscitation. He led the REBOA project together with others at London’s Air Ambulance and aims to work across industries to innovate this and other procedures. Having flown with many different air ambulances, Sam has found a love for the culture of these close knit teams and a passion for training them to perform in unpredictable and stressful situations. Out of work Sam loves spending time with his family and occasionally sneaks away to his other great love, the mountains, on his bike or snowboard.


Dr. Perkins is a consultant at London’s Air Ambulance and Trauma and General Surgeon at the Royal London Hospital. He studied medicine in Johannesburg, South Africa, where his special interest in the care of the critically injured developed. Since then, he have worked in busy trauma systems both in South Africa and England and have qualifications in Surgery, Anaesthesia and Pre-Hospital Care.

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