Mødet og samtalen ved livets slutning

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Om modet til at møde den døende. At turde være i rummet uden at skulle handle eller behandle. Uden at skulle idyllisere eller bagatellisere, men blot være der, hvor du er.


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Vi fandt ikke tid til at klippe de forskellige forelæsninger op og polere dem af lydmæssigt, men live streamen ovenfor er ikke helt ueffen. Herunder… Read More »CPHCC2019

Triage like a Boss (SWE)

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Is it possible to create a perfect emergency triage system? How will triage work in the future? A talk by Jonathan Ilicki (in Swedish) busting triage myths and providing top advice from front line staff

Hemodynamics during mechanical CPR

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Tailored or targeted CPR and resuscitation is a concept with a lot of traction currently. In this talk from The Big Sick in Zermatt in 2018, Per details insights from his research that cautions us when choosing targets to titrate to.


Camilla explains why you might want to join her at the paediatric Dont Forget The Bubbles Conference in London in June.

Surviving out-of-hospital cardiac arrest

Hear from Richard Lyon how dismal outcomes in the cardiac arrest population in Scotland were dramatically improved not by singular fancy technology, but by a system’s approach with attention to every detail.

Hemorrhagic shock – a holistic view

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Geir Strandenes with an opinionated talk on the history and future of prehospital blood transfusion practice at The Bick Sick in Zermatt.

Exsanguinating trauma – from CPR to EPR

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Samuel Tisherman, at The Big Sick 2018 in Zermatt, talks about deep hypothermia as a temporizing means in otherwise refractory traumatic cardiac arrest patients.